Tiarah Porter

Tiarah Porter

Tiarah Kay, 23 is a small local artist currently residing in Indianapolis, Indiana. From an early age, Art has always been a staple to her life. Growing up homeless and limited to only what she had around her, Tiarah always had the mentality of “using what you have”. She wanted to test her limits and show the world that it’s possible to create beautiful work on a smaller budget. Tiarah would stay after school for art programs at her school, utilize the little time she had every weekday in art class and fully immerse herself to create what she could not create at home. Her inspiration grew when watching her mother volunteer to paint murals in various schools, And her father would engineer things to better the functionality of living. Soon after, Her parents noticed her passion for art and began to scrape up the little money they had to fuel her passion. Years later Tiarah and her family were blessed to finally have a beautiful home and a better financial status. She was given creative freedom to customize her room and given access to a brand new world of art mediums. Tiarah continues to strive and create art for the community that allows everyone from all walks of life to be able to enjoy.


 “Trapped” (an 8×8 Acrylic piece) is one of six paintings belonging in the art collection “Raw Emotion”, which highlights the everyday raw and uncut emotions felt by People of Color living in America. With it comes great emotions that are often shun or looked down upon, due to the lack of knowing or understanding a specific demographic. Trapped was intentionally created on a small 8×8 canvas to convey the idea of a small and confined space. Tiarah aspires to use her art as a means of sparking serious topics and conversations that can one day help future generations to come.

Size: 8×8
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Pice: $75

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