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Truth of Freedom & The Language of Race Commemorative Look Book

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The 2023 Truth of Freedom & The Language of Race Exhibit is a transformative visual display rooted in the call and response tradition of Black communities. This commemorative look book features vibrant collages, colorful paintings, striking portraits, poignant scenes, and powerful displays of text and graphics. Each piece is a proclamation from 27 local Black artists, responding to the language of race and giving voice to the unspoken. This collection represents a collective endeavor to dismantle prejudice, discrimination, and inequality. Witness the transformative power of art as these talented artists break the shackles of silence, claiming their rightful place in the narrative of freedom. 

Explore this look book to be inspired, challenged, and awakened by the profound truths embedded within each artwork. Let the vibrant expressions and courageous voices of these artists spark conversations, foster understanding, and contribute to the ongoing pursuit of justice and equality. Proceeds from this look book will directly benefit the participating artists Your support is instrumental in fostering the growth and success of these talented individual.

“Thank you for your generosity and for recognizing the value of art in our community.”

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