Tashema Davis

Tashema Davis

Tashema Davis graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Ball State University in 2011. Davis taught high school art in public education until 2022. She is now pursuing a new title of full time artist and art gallery owner. Davis enjoys painting with various mediums, primarily with oil paints. The majority of her content focuses on the subject matter that she knows best, the African American woman. Tashema Davis finds time to paint murals, illustrate children’s picture books for herself and others, paint commissions and prepare for art shows. Echo Art Gallery was born in 2019. At the gallery, Davis focuses on the community of Marion Indiana and houses local artist work for little to no cost. She hosts classes regularly every week with the goal of helping everyone feel the joy of painting. Davis would like for you to know that Art is for everyone!

2 Legit

2 LEGIT was created from a black archive photo. This photo reference was very nostalgic for me.
I remember watching grown folks pose on the hood of their car or their somebody’s car. Rather that was an uncle’s car or grand daddy’s.
I remember how cool they looked.
I remember them laughing and doing complicated handshakes and pulling each other in close.
I remember they had to wait until the next get together to see their “moment” on the printed film.
I remember Granma saying, “you bet not steal my picture!” as they smoothed the sticky photo album vellum back down.
I remember the love.
I remember how crisp the air felt as I took in a deep breath and released a grin.
I remember how they disappeared one headline at a time….….

Size: 30×40
Medium: Mixed Media, oil, acrylic and bible pages
Pice: $2,300

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