Rae Parker

Rae Parker

Rae Parker Art & Design
Multiversed Artist / Art Teacher

Since 2012, Rae Parker has always created artwork to speak with integrity, awareness and power. There isn’t a collection of work that remains the same. Each piece has it’s own meaning and purpose. It is to create with a dare to have multiple dimensions to make the audience change their perspective in some way or another.

Rae earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and is a Art educator, curator, & inspiration to the youth. Rae has worked with organizations from Asante Art Institute, Garfield Park, Murphy Arts Building, Pattern Magazine to the Stutz Building. Their work can be seen all around Iindianapolis and have been shown in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Rae’s artwork has been based on two factors: Awareness and Empowerment. The awareness is shown through pieces that represent women of color, masculine women, social, political injustice, and community based conflicts.

Recently Rae’s work has been featured in a exhibit for Herron and Parsons School of Design. Artists such as Kara Walker, Sonya Clark and Mary Sibande were among that list. Having a piece in Newfields as well has been a huge dream achievement for Rae. “Never give up on following your dreams and always stay true to yourself.”

Oracle of Justice

Oracle of Justice is the warrior spirit that protects those who are done unjust and unfairly. A revolutionary freedom fighter always ready to stand on the front lines for the people.

Size:  30 x 40
Medium:  Mix Media
Pice: $500

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