Dana Powell Smith

Powell- Smith

Dana Powell Smith, is a multi-dimensional visual artist, and muralist. She was born in the Bronx, New York and raised in Westchester County NY. Dana transforms shapes into stories on canvas that evoke happiness and thought. 

 Dana was introduced to the wonderful world of art from birth. She happens to be the Granddaughter of Harlem Renaissance artist Georgette Seabrooke Powell, whom she worked with closely for many years. 

Dana understands the importance of her family legacy. She has shown her art in many Galleries and The Newfields Museum of Art. Dana’s work won the Black History month 2023 award for The Meijer Corporation. Meijer placed her art on their store brand products in over 250 stores across the Mid-West. Her art has also been published in Black Minds Magazine, Newspapers, Indy Maven, and in the Metaverse. 

Dana has public art around Indianapolis for your viewing. “We The People” (zoomed in) can be seen at Concourse B in the Indianapolis Airport. “We The People” can be seen at the Circle Centre Mall second floor. You can also view several of her pieces on the front and side facades of the Watkins Park Family Center. 

Freedom Day

“Freedom Day” is inspired by a newspaper photo from the late 1800’s. The slaves decorated their horse drawn buggy with flowers to celebrate. However they did not realize that “Freedom” would not be what they imagined. 

Size: 30 x 40
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Pice: $

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