Christopher Burns

Christopher Burns

Chrystopher “Picassoul” Burns is a mixed media visual artist born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. Burns is a middle school special needs educator by day and aspiring artist by night. His work, he refers to as Urban Abstract, is often bright and colorful, evoking positive energy and intense emotion. Burns believes that the brighter and more intense the color, the happier and more optimistic one feels about the piece; his artistic interpretations of scenes from everyday life.

Over the years, Burns has shown his artwork in exhibits at the Indiana Landmarks Raap Family Gallery (Perspectives), The Central Library (MTA 30-31), Garfield Park Arts Center, Midtown Gallery, Gallery 924, Ignite studio, Ga5 Gallery, and in Flava Fresh. Most recently, Burns was an apprentice on the Madam CJ Walker Legends mural and a 2023 Welcome Race Fans billboard artist.


“Just-Us!” is inspired by the many protests that followed the tragic police killings of African Americans: Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, etc. Many, but not all of those names, are included on the signage in this powerful piece depicting a young African American protestor with raised fist and lifted voice.

Size:  30 x 40
Medium: Acrylic and Ink Mixed Media on Framed Canvas
Pice: $750

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